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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Feeling Inspired!

My heart has been burdened the past few days. But...

I am grateful to GOD that everyone is gone out of the house and I am at peace with the quietness needed to write these words.

OK... Y'all know I am not one to name names or point fingers... that's not the way GOD wants us to be. But I have to get this across as best as I can.

You know... GOD doesn't care about your title or your customs or your doctrines or traditions...

GOD cares about the state of your HEART. Namely 'the affairs of your heart.'

I was reading in this fabulous book whose title I will not say. But it was about a man who was one religion and changed his title to another... over years of studying spirituality. Many have done this.

But you know...'s all about the LOVE...

So this mans message was the same that I feel because we share the same spirit!

You know some people search their whole lives for GOD and they never find HIM because they missed the call when they were called. But some people DO find GOD!

And you know that anytime they edify Jesus as the son of GOD ...  Its the real deal... they want us to emulate him.

Yes... you know while some people are waiting for Jesus to drop out of the sky... they have no clue that GOD just wants Jesus to bring in the SPIRIT of HIMSELF into your own heart and mind.

For so long men were in subjection to men. And GOD saw the worst thing ever... Corruption in high places... so that even if a man's heart is right... someone above him is corrupt.

GOD said NO...

Each man will be in subjection only to GOD by the SPIRIT of LOVE that lives within the hearts and minds of PEOPLE  that successfully leads and guides THEM into the way that is good!

Sometimes I get frustrated saying the same thing over and over... but hey... not everyone has caught on yet. It's not a mystery folks... it so simple even a child can understand. Remember what Jesus Himself said...  Hey... "allow the kids to hang out here... for such is the kingdom of heaven!" I cant even change the last few words... that was how it was said and if you don't understand... better get back into prayer asking GOD into your own heart and mind and HE will tell you!

Some people love to make it so complicated...
...some will allow you to live in fear to serve their god.

And maybe you have heard that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

You see back then 'the Lord' was the one over them... ok... I feel silly trying to tell you what a Lord is as we all, as an educated intelligent people know.

Like I said... it is one who is over you in authority.

This is why in that interpretation... of which I learned... we do see GOD as a superior authority. I mean HE'S only been around for millions of years. Y'all remember Yawh?

Anyways... We can have a life without GOD... or... we can have a pretty amazing life with GOD leading and guiding us!

It happens for me everyday! God is always there for me no matter what my matter be!

HAHAHA Yes... even with cooking... I will be like... what am I gonna cook and I just ask GOD and I just walk in there and GOD always leads me to something that actually turns out to be pretty good!

There is a scripture I love... so much... its hanging by my back door... IN ALL THY WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AND HE SHALL DIRECT THY PATH!

Do you know that I don't worry about things anymore because of that saying?

That's right... Because no matter what the problem is... GOD always works it out... HE usually sends an angel at just the right moment to help you! I've met many an angel in my life! Praise GOD!

It bothers me a lot when people say they are Atheists... I'm like... OK... GOD is a title... a label that we put on the feelings of LOVE and PEACE and JOY and TRUTH... something that we share... something money can't buy.

So if you don't believe in GOD your telling me that you don't believe in all those things... and if that is the case... I really feel sad for you. Because The thing about GOD is that altho you have a choice... GOD directs you down the path that is GOOD and makes you have a better LIFE!

If you fall for sin...  ohhh sure its pleasures the flesh but does nothing for the spirit... in fact it pushes away the spirit of GOD. I always wonder why some people can turn their backs on GOD...

And GOD said ... they are serving their flesh.

Temporary stuff there.

Sure you having a blast... but what about when the good times over?

I mean think about it!

So... to me if someone puts on that label... Atheist

... I know that they are not someone I can trust.

You know them by their fruits!

Which brings me to the fruits of the day...

Uh.... no pun intended.

But OK... what does the devil want... if GOD wants all good things for you? I mean if GOD brings you to goodness... the devil being the enemy... wants us to bring us to his badness.

And who cares if someone sees you as a wimp loving GOD... I have a solution to that... the relationship that you have with GOD is within you... and we don't go out trying to control others with it or make them see us as godly people... no... GOD is a personal existence of goodness that you can love to live with! Within... you don't have to show what you do for GOD... GOD knows your heart!

One of the things that devil wants for us is confusion.... knowing that GOD is not the author of confusion... we know that that comes from the... 'other side' ...

The fight is within us... there is both good and bad in there... and out there, attacking us in various ways... we choose. Do we do good or do we do bad? If we do bad... bad will consume us... if we do good we leave a good legacy of LOVE and HELP for ... who???

Our CHILDREN... for such is the kingdom of heaven!

Where do the children learn to be bad? I think it's mostly from bad parents no matter how hard they try to hide it. And also I see some of the games are teaching our children violence too. Movies... Songs... there's good and bad in everything... We choose...

Very few bad kids in school. It is the few who are bad... learned from parents who are bad. Usually stemming from madness. Why do we see these school shootings? Because the child never learned about the spirit of goodness... the SPIRIT that teaches us LOVE and PEACE and JOY and such.

We are not a lost people... for the meek will inherit the earth... the ones who live by the sword will die by the sword and we will be a PEOPLE who are established in LOVE and etc etc etc....

You know... you wonder why there are so many good people in the world?

Because our heritage is standing on the word of GOD!

We know truth and the truth always sets you free... you see the truth is this... if  a person .... ohhhhh I am angry that I have to even go here... but some people make me have to... one day it won't be an issue. Let me say this... GOD will not allow me to feed into a delusional people...

You know... I think its OK for a man who is biologically a man if he wants to dress in womens apparel. But to want me to say... he's a woman is something I cannot do.

If you want to think you're a woman ... to me that is believing a lie... and GODS people just don't do that! If you don't talk about it... I don't need to know. In fact... I have a person who I am very close to... she is a woman who dresses like a man... and such and so forth... I DON'T CARE...

I love her and she doesn't try to make me call her a him... Thank you Jesus!

Cause I couldn't do it.

So we as a PEOPLE... know what is TRUTH and well... you can't make a lie into a truth.

I want to Thank GOD for making it possible for me to get in here today and get this stuff out of my head. OH GOD... there's so much more!

GOD Bless The Rose that grows to bloom! (This is not a statement for me... but a tribute to the man who found himself a Christian after growing in the Spirit)

And GOD Bless US... Everyone!



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