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Monday, March 04, 2013

Dear John...

(And I am talking about the John who was friends with Jesus)!...

I am feeling the attacks... the pain feels wonderful!
I cant believe how THE WORD has taken off...
I am talking about your chapter 14!

I'm in you... your in me... I LOVE THAT!

Didn't they sing a song about that?

Well... the post on yahoo felt like I got a verbal lashing. But I am right and I feel like in the end I won the argument with the help of (GOD) LOVE!  Poor Mike... I do hope he takes my advice and fix's his problems. He seemed to not know about the 'comforter'... whom Jesus said would come... the common spirit of LOVE AMONG THE PEOPLE! Which INCLUDES women too.

We sure are at a critical point in the world.

Where's the love? Oh... didn't they write a song about that, too?

Well, we are on the way my brother in Christ...

I believe in the power that Mary Magdalene had. I believe she is as my sister in Christ! I cannot wait to see you all... but I am here for the long haul... GOD only knows how long my job is going to take!

I feel strong! I feel at peace. I feel BLESSED!

I am so grateful to Jesus for what HE did... for all of us who believe...

I feel like my path is right... and I was just thanking GOD just a few minutes ago for finding the letter I wrote to HIM, that I buried in my Grand parents backyard all those years ago! It has been a long 35 year learning experience for me... I am so glad I paid attention to GOD and not the things of the world... because they can be very enticing!

So, I count myself among the Christians as what I believe is the same as all true blue believers in Christ!

And it gives me great pleasure to think about all the people who have read your Chapter 14! So funny... I couldn't sleep last night and I turned on the TV looking for a movie... of course I stopped on Kenneth Copeland. (Ya see, that's how GOD works)! Now, Kenneth has been around since I was a babe in the Lord... I can remember all the elders in the church talking about him... I am sure I will meet him too when I get there! He is a true man of GOD!

John, he was talking about your ch 14... and I felt the strength of the Lord swell larger than life inside of me! I thank GOD for that... because it was a nice boost after what I got from Mike. But I survived... stronger for it. Just as a wound heals and leaves a scar that binds and makes it stronger... so am I! :)

I will keep healing, In Jesus Christs Name :) I will keep spreading the WORD, IJCN :)

Thank you John... for helping the WORD to be preserved! Thank you for all you suffered and saw and recorded. Thank you for your good work!

I and many others have a better life now,
through the Holy Spirit within the hearts and minds of all mankind!

REV 21, 3

Thank You Jesus! :) Amen :)


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