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Friday, July 26, 2019

President Trump And Dem' 4

I usually don't like to get into the politics, but I cant help it today. I've seen enough! It's time for the truth to be spoken... yah... by me!

First of all... Question #1. 'Who IS The President of The USA?

I know most people don't need me to answer that question. But for those of you who are not perfectly clear on that subject, I will say... Our President is Donald Trump Sr.

You should know this man by now and we should NOT judge him like he's a bad person. He is not a perfect person. He is NOT a bad man. He is a man who is struggling to keep our country good and right and clean. There's to many corrupt people in our government and we need a man who is not afraid to face them down, with help! It takes more than one man to do this job. Many people must stand together and face off the corruptness in our space... place. We are not a stupid people. We are a GODLY PEOPLE! We respect what is right and good and true. And I can tell you right now... this man was hand picked by GOD to do this job and we should be GRATEFUL that he cares that much!

Now I want to bring to mind the ones who are NOT respecting our President. Yes there are those whose minds and hearts are corrupt with hate... for... you know who.

GOD is not the author of hate. GOD would never stand there and name call and tear down. This small body of a few have shown their true colors... uh... no pun intended.

We know a tree by its fruit. And we know when some people spew words of hate and condemnation. You see... there are a few people who want to own mankind... not serve mankind.

Look... Capitalism is the way our system runs the best. We as humans should be allowed to create and grow our business. And those who choose not to... should not. Some have drive and ambition, others are lazy, these two are different and should be treated differently. Its a fact of life.

We will not find heaven unless we find the right path. So know that name calling and put downs are not productive. This does not work with your children  and pets, nor does it work for your employees.

Sad to think that people don't learn this until its to late and the damage has been done.

Yeah, President Trump is in touch with the little boy in him and does find humor in name calling. But I can tell you that is not his style. He directs it at those who act like children. This is just the way I see it and I believe in my heart that my heart is in direct communication with GOD!

I want to be more specific about what and whom we serve. There are those who serve self. They can't see beyond their own nose. They do not want to serve the PEOPLE... and GOD wants us to serve each other. And we have well learned the way of this... And it proves that we are not all equal in the world. We are created by GOD to be equal but men throughout the ages has created the world to be what it is today. And that is we cant all be business owners. Many of us are under subjection to our bosses. And we know that's how it is. Now if a boss is corrupt, it's OK for the workers to come together to call out his corrupt ways according to the laws of THE PEOPLE.

This creates a life filled with respect and appreciation.

Our world is filled with good and evil. We have the potential to be either or within our own hearts and minds. You see. That is what the battle is all about. Both sides want control of your heart and mind. GOD is the label we put on LOVE and PEACE and JOY... yeah all of that! Its the best way to go! Most of us know that. And surely we learn that one way or the other.

You can choose to be bad.. do evil... but WHY?

You have more people who love you by following the way that is GOOD?

It leads to a much better life and...

Don't we all know that by now???

Evidently there are those who are blinded to this truth.

We can see you... We know your there. And Big Brother is going to take care of you...
you can bet your sweet bippy on that one!  So be prepared,

Look into a mirror and repeat after Socrates... "An unexamined life is not worth living."

Reflect on yourself and with GOD in your heart HE will show you the secrets of your soul and you can deal with them more logically!

And Once again... GOD Bless US, Everyone, IJCNA


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