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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Modern Day Miracle

I have been meaning to get in here and post this since it happened. And now I have an update... and will post the entire email I sent out to friends after.

The update; the DR says my friend is a walking miracle... she is doing better than expected, doesnt need pain pills or her cane anymore! She can think and speak clearly and she told me yesterday that she feels like she has a whole new life! I was surprised when she told me she has a computer chip in her brain and the DR can control it on his computer, WOW these modern day gagets are state of the art! This is amazing to me and I am so glad she took the risk! lol... before the surgery I had told her she was to mean to die, that she would come out of the surgery all good! But to tell you the truth, just thinking about the flip side of it, scared me to death and I couldnt deal with it. She has been a trooper, shaved head and all! I am so happy the outcome is so good.

Oh yes... on a side note, another friend reminded me that GOD does answer all prayers, its just that sometimes the answer is NO...

Sent: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 2:21 pmSubject: Tell everyone GOD is GOOD!
I want everyone to know how wonderful GOD is... and if this touches you please pass on to your friends!

I have been so worried and so scared... and I have been praying so hard.

Most of you dont know this, but my old friend from Jr High school has been having some serious medical problems. And she went in to have brain surgery on 3-31-09 and would be in ICU for 5 days. A very risky surgery with not so good odds.

I have never prayed so hard in all of my life!

I had just picked up my cell phone to try to call and get some info, as none of her family had called me. And my home phone rang! It was her! She sounded great! The surgery went better than expected and she said she felt better than ever and could tell the difference! She is already up and moving around and may be released tomorrow!

Some of you know I cry even when a family wins on Family Feud... oh yes, tears of joy! And they sprang forth today as I thanked GOD for the life of my dear friend!

Here is my prayer for today;

Dear GOD, Thank you for the miracle that YOU have given to my dear friend! For reasons unknown YOU dont answer all of my prayers, but I am so glad you answered this one! I am so grateful and thankful that YOU are my FATHER IN HEAVEN and that YOU not only care about me, YOU also care about the ones I love! Thank you for BEING there for me... I love YOU always... In Jesus's name, AMEN...


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